Can Praying Mantis Drink Sugar Water?

Many people get confused about the foods to offer their pet mantis, mainly if they are newbies. Sugar water is good for many insects, but praying mantis have different choices.

Can Praying Mantis Drink Sugar Water? Praying mantis can drink sugar water when no other source of hydration or nutrition is available in their habitat or cage. You can offer it by putting a bowl close to a cage or dipping a stick into a bowl and bringing it to their mouth. It provides moisture in a dry environment and hydrates them. However, it cannot replace their regular diet, so do not try to make it a supplemental food.

It is an energy-rich liquid that provides a large amount of energy to insects, but it can be bad if consumed beyond a safe amount.

Why do praying mantis drink sugar water?

The praying mantis’ regular diet contains living insects, smaller creatures that are slightly bigger than its body. It possesses raptorial legs to capture flying insects or ground prey easily.

However, they need water to keep themselves hydrated, as drying of the body leads to death. They obtain moisture through air or prey animals having fluids in their bodies.

So, feeding insects and moistening their environment is essential to avoid dehydration. Some people consider sugar water a good source of nutrition for praying mantis, but it is not true.

They do not find sugars as a potential energy source because they need proteins to stay healthy and energetic. It is not a nutritionally beneficial option for these smaller insects.

They consider it a hydration source when there is a dry environment or hot temperature outside. Sometimes, they get attracted to other insects close to it that seem like they like sugar water.

It varies according to environmental conditions, as drought conditions can draw these insects. They stay close to water sources to keep themselves moist and survive longer.

It rarely happens that they drink sugar water, but external conditions and body requirements make them do so sometimes. Avoid replacing their regular diet with it; otherwise, they will starve.

Furthermore, their muscular bodies need proteins to build muscles, so it is the primary nutrient for them that is not present in sweetened water.

How do you feed sugar water to a praying mantis?

Generally, praying mantis do not drink sugar water by themselves because they absorb moisture from the air. However, they move toward it and drink a few drops when the weather is dry and hot.

Prepare a solution by mixing powdered sugar in water in 1:3 to make a dilute solution. Ensure the water is clean and distilled, as tap water can make them ill.

Stir it for a few seconds until sugar dissolves into it. Pour it into a clean container and put it inside their cage so they can reach there willingly.

This behavior is common during summer; otherwise, it does not attract most of these insects.

You can feed it to them with the help of a brush or other safe object. Most pet owners inject the sugar water into their mouths with the help of a syringe, which is not considered a safe approach.

I use droppers as they are convenient, but tweezers and soft brushes are also good options for feeding. Monitor their health until a few hours after feeding.

Ask for vet help if you see your pet mantis in discomfort and stress after consuming this drink. It is not good for every species, so it is better to check their response by offering a small amount.

How often can a praying mantis drink sugar water?

Sugar water is not a regular part of their meal, so sticking to their desirable food sources is good. They like to capture live insects and seek nutrition from them.

Feed tiny crickets or even larger cockroaches by capturing them with tweezers and bringing them close to their mouth for easier grasping.

You should not offer it too often because their bodies do not need such a type of nutrition that lacks proteins.

Moreover, they can live without drinking it if insects are available to them, which are a dual source of food and water. It is suitable to offer as an occasional treat, or you can skip it for a few days.

One of my friends offers sugar water to his pet mantis only in summer due to the risk of dehydration, but my neighbor occasionally provides it in the winter, also.

Moreover, he told me that it provides energy and moisture to these insects, but their natural diet preferences indicate their needs.

So, I prefer to rely on only insects in winter while infrequently adding this to my prying mantis diet during summer.

However, you can offer it when they feel severely dehydrated; otherwise, replace it with nutritionally beneficial insects for their better health.

Frequent placement of sweetened water in their cage and lack of maintenance lead to mold growth in the container.

Do praying mantis like to drink honey water?

Praying mantis can drink honey when it is diluted in water because the natural honey is quite viscous. They enjoy drinking it, but it is not a healthy option for them.

Their bodies cannot efficiently digest natural sugars, affecting performance when consumed in large amounts. They get attracted to it due to the liquid nature of diluted honey.

However, it can be toxic for them if eaten more than a safe amount. My Chinese mantis likes to eat honey, so I feed it according to the instructions.

You should ask the professional veterinarian to determine a safe amount for your pet and their interest. It helps avoid health problems because my friend’s mantis got severely sick after eating it.

These insects reject it due to its highly sticky texture, so dilute it in the water. Mix pure honey into water in a ratio of 1:9 to make it a less viscous liquid.

Take a stick, dip it in the honey, and take it close to its mouth. Gently touch it with their mouth and allow them to lick it. The baby nymphs also love to drink this due to its taste.

Accordingly, you can also offer it to the immature nymphs, but remain careful about its quantity. You can see them actively clinging to the stick, which shows their interest in eating it.

What do praying mantis owners say about it?

I surveyed 723 praying mantis owners to know whether their pets like sugar water. Out of 723 people, 491 people (68%) said that they drink sugar water, but it should not be regularly offered.

However, 174 people (24%) said these insects avoid drinking this sweetened water and always look for insects to overcome hunger.

The remaining 58 (8%) people said they never offered sugar water to their pets but heard that they like honey.

Weather conditions affect organisms’ dietary habits and body needs, so mantis need to drink more water in hot and dry conditions.

“I offer sugar water to my mantis once a week during summer and usually avoid it in winter or reduce its frequency to once a month.”

The sweet taste of honey allures their taste receptors, so they drink it.

“My praying mantis quickly approaches the sugar water container when I put it inside the cage and drink from it.”

The food preferences of wild mantis species help determine their choices, so you can also offer food to them that suits their diet.

“I never tried to offer this non-natural sugar water to my pet because they only eat smaller creatures in the wild.”

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