Does Petco Sell Praying Mantis?

Petco is one of the popular US brands known for selling pet-related products, food, live insects, etc. Many online and physical brands sell praying mantis and raise them to facilitate people having an interest in keeping mantis as pets.

Does Petco Sell Praying Mantis? Petco does not sell praying mantis due to their abundance in the garden, shorter lifespan, carnivorous diet, and need for separate housing. Also, they pose a high risk of cannibalism and disturb the population of insects after an accidental escape. However, you can get food for mantis as they sell crickets, fruit flies, roaches, and worms.

Petco provides services to improve the lifestyle of pets and help owners. You cannot find every type of insect there because they only deal with insects that are easier to keep at stores. There are some problems in keeping praying mantis due to its diet and behavioral features.

Why does Petco not sell praying mantis?

Petco is one of the famous brands that sells pet insects and provides services and products like food to improve the pets’ lifestyle. It does not sell praying mantis for different reasons.

Shorter lifespan

Many people prefer to keep long-lived pets at home because it requires money and effort to get a new pet and provide food, care, and attention.

They consider it good to keep living organisms with longer lifespans as pets. The online and physical stores avoid selling insects with short lifespans due to little interest from people.

Similarly, you cannot get a praying mantis from Petco because the adult female mantis can only survive for a few weeks after laying eggs.

I caught an adult mantis from my garden and kept it inside the cage, but it survived for only 32 days in the enclosure and died.

However, its male partner dies during or after mating because females decapitate their partner to get nutrition from their bodies. So, only a few stores sell them, and Petco is not one of them.

Abundantly available in the garden

They are abundant in the gardens because they usually live on plants and feed on garden pests. They can also camouflage behind green leaves and colorful flowers.

Accordingly, capturing one of these mantis from plants and putting it in an enclosed container or a tank is easy. They do not pose a risk of venomous bites, making it easier for people to capture them.

One of my friends considered them fascinating creatures and captured a praying mantis to explore its behavior. He caught it by hand and put it inside the glass container to see its activities.

So, Petco avoids keeping mantis due to the little interest of people in buying them from stores. They do not spend money to buy an insect that is already available in their garden.

Need separate housing

Praying mantis cannot live together in one place due to their solitary nature, as they prefer to stay away from other fellows. Naturally, they disperse at different locations at the nymph stage.

They need to be separated from each other after an initial molting stage; otherwise, they begin to see other fellows as a source of food and kill each other.

Moreover, their cannibalistic nature makes them less attractive to keep and sell because they do not have emotions for their fellows and live separately.

It is hard to keep a large number of mantis in separate containers; that’s why many pet stores do not sell them.

Carnivorous nature

They feed on living prey and eat them alive in wild conditions, but providing them with foodstuff in captivity is not cost-effective. The pet stores find it frustrating to get their food and feed them.

Moreover, it requires a lot of money to get tubs of worms, crickets, and other insects to feed the mantis kept inside the cage, which can be hectic for stores.

They can also escape from the container accidentally and pose a risk of survival to other insects. So, they are not considered suitable to keep with other insects.

Does Petco sell food for praying mantis?

You cannot get praying mantis from Petco, but it sells other food products and live insects. These live insects can be used as food for mantis because they like to eat living creatures.

Crickets are one of the favorite food sources for adult and young praying mantis due to their high nutritional value and small size. They also capture crickets in wild conditions and devour them.

They sell crickets of different sizes, from smallest to largest species, making it easier for mantis keepers to get them according to their pet’s age and size.

In addition, some species of worms are also available at this store that are good to consider as food for these carnivorous insects. Also, you can find mealworms, calci-worms, and hornworms at this store.

On average, the cost of calci-worms is about $3 to $9.5, and mealworms are expensive and cost around $4 to $36, depending on their size and age.

I bought a pack of 250 calciworms for $9.5 for my Chinese mantis, but you can also get a smaller pack of 25 calciworms for almost $2.5 to $3.

Superworms and waxworms are also available at Petco and can be used to feed the pet mantis, as they are considered highly nutritious due to their protein-rich bodies.

Furthermore, they sell some other insect varieties, making it easier for you to get food for your pet if the insect population is not abundantly available at your place.

What type of insects does Petco sell?

They sell pet food and live insects to pet keepers because these tiny creatures are usually used as a nutritious meal for reptiles and amphibians.

It sells a few insects and worms that are in high demand from customers or pet keepers. Small insects like flightless fruit flies and their cultures are there at Petco stores.

Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly culture costs around $12 to $25, while Drosophila hydei are almost $22 to $25. Some isopods are also available at Petco for $20 to $30.

It also sells roaches, which are considered the best feeder insects for reptiles due to their protein-rich bodies and the presence of essential minerals and vitamins in them.

You can get small Dubia roaches for $11 to $13 in a pack of 25, while their cost increases to $18 for a larger pack of 50 roaches. In addition, crickets are also sold by Petco at $17 to $30.

My neighbor bought a pack of 25 roaches from Petco for $13 to feed its pet mantis. These roaches were a little bit larger than the mentioned size but worked great for his pet.

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