How To Keep Ladybugs Out of Your House?

People use different techniques to stop insects like ladybugs from entering their homes. They are considered the symbol of good luck and transformation, but their infestation can cause a nuisance for homeowners.

How To Keep Ladybugs Out of Your House? You can keep the ladybugs out of your house by sealing the cracks and gaps around windows and doors, installing window screens and steel mesh, sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth, planting mums and other repelling plants, using vinegar, lemon, soap, essential oils, and citronella candles.

Ladybugs infestation is unpleasant however, they are not harmful to humans, as they do not have teeth and poison glands to transfer toxins to people around them.

Seal the cracks and gaps

Ladybugs find their routes inside the house through open windows, cracks around the window seals, and gaps or cracks in the walls.

You can fix this problem by sealing these cracks and gaps and closing all entry points of these beetles. People use silicone caulk or other sealants to fill these gaps, as they provide long-lasting results and last many years.

It is better to replace the broken screens and windows to minimize the chances of different insects invading your home.

Professionals recommend tightly sealing the door frames to fill the gaps and installing door sweeps to close all routes ladybugs take to enter the home.

Check all possible entry points before winter because they start searching for warm places as soon as the temperature drops in the surroundings.

Installing window screens and steel mesh

You can install window screens, or stainless steel window meshes to stop the entry of ladybugs.

For example, I have installed window screens on all windows of my home, especially the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, because these windows open in the garden.

One advantage of installing window screens and mesh is airflow and sunlight without allowing different insects in your home.

You should repair the damaged window screens before winter or replace them if you can afford new screens and take accurate measurements before replacing or installing new ones.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth powder

Diatomaceous Earth is a soft silicone rock ground in powder form and used for various purposes, such as a pest control method to prevent infestation.

One of my friends told me he faced ladybug infestation in winter in his house and called pest exterminators to remove them, as many of these beetles died during hibernation.

He shared that his uncle told him to sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth powder around windows and all entry points to keep them away.

He said this powder sticks to their legs and exoskeleton, which prevents them from flying and invading your home. You can also sprinkle it on the ladybug colony in your home to get rid of these insects.

Use vinegar, lemon juice, and soap

Vinegar and lemon are the natural repellents that keep many pests, including ladybugs, from invading the house and making colonies in this place.

Put white vinegar in a bottle and spray it around all entry points, such as doors, windows, and attics, to remove the pheromone’s odor, attracting other ladybugs. People also use white vinegar to get rid of these beetle colonies in their houses during hibernation.

Moreover, you can also use lemon juice to keep them away because the citreous nature of lemon and its strong smell will prevent them from invading the home.

I often use dishwashing soap to keep them away, such as placing the bowl full of water and dishwashing soap around the light sources and places where they aggregate.

The thick mixture of water and soap keeps these beetles from leaving the bowl, and they get stuck inside the solution.

Planting mums and other repelling plants

Another famous technique to keep them out of your place is placing plant mums at different locations in the house.

My neighbor told me that he placed chrysanthemums next to the windows and entrance door to prevent ladybugs, as many of these little beetles invade his home in winter.

He said he also places cloves and bay leaves in a small bag at different places because these little flying insects cause many problems every winter.

It is an affordable way to keep ladybugs away because you can easily select repelling plants and mums from online stores.

Use essential oils and Citronella candles

You can apply essential oils, such as peppermint and neem oil, at different places in your home where you often observe ladybugs.

They do not like the smell of these oils and stay away from these places, which helps you prevent them from entering your home.

They do not like the fragrance of citronella candles because of their sharp aroma, so you can also burn these candles near windows and doors to prevent them from invading this place.

Build a ladybug house in your garden

You can build a ladybug house in your garden so they can hibernate in their own home instead of searching and invading other places.

Select a suitable and protected area in your garden and build a wooden house in a sunny spot in winter so they can bask in sunlight and maintain their body temperature.

Moreover, he said you can also select it online if you do not know how to make it. You can place it in your garden, and it will help you keep your home insects and pests free.

Vacuum the house

One of my friends told me that he removed a ladybug colony from his attic using a vacuum cleaner because it is time-consuming to sweep them away or remove them by hand.

He said you can also use an unused sock and tie it at the nozzle end with a rubber band to keep the vacuum cleaner neat and dispose of the sock with these beetles.

Clean the area with vinegar or soap and vacuum the area under furniture after two or three days to remove them.

Use light and sticky traps

People use light traps and duct tape to keep them away from their homes, such as selecting light traps online or making them at home.

Cut the upper side of a plastic bottle and place small LED lights into the funnel, leaving the entry route for ladybugs. Flip the upper side of the bottle into the bottom part and make a trap.

They enter the bottle due to attraction towards the light and get trapped inside it. You can relocate them to other places when ladybugs enter this funnel.

Some people use duct tape around the windows and places where they come, which causes them to get stuck on the adhesive tape. You can check the duct tape often to remove it when there are many beetles sticking to it.

Frequent pest Control

You can get help from a pest control company every two to three months if you live in a place where these ladybugs are in abundance.

The pest exterminators are experts in searching all corners and gaps in the house and removing the insects infesting your home.

I also call the pest control services in my town to examine my room after winter because these beetles are more likely to come inside the house during winter.

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